» » Lychakiv Cemetery Historical and Memorial Museum-Reserve

Lychakiv Cemetery Historical and Memorial Museum-Reserve

Lychakiv Cemetery  Historical and Memorial Museum-Reserve
  • Country: Ukraine
  • City: Lviv
  • Address: Str. Pekarskaya 95
   The Lychakiv Cemetery Museum-Reserve is one of the most unusual and attended museums of Lvov. It is daily visited by more than seven thousand people. Why this exotic place is so popular? Let us talk about that.

The history of Lychakiv necropolis

   Before tasking about popularity, let us look at the historical component of the museum which is one of the reasons for so high attendance. The official foundation date of the Lychakiv cemetery is 1786. By the way, there are not too many cemeteries in the world which would have so long history that is why the tourists from all over the world come here to visit the necropolis. The cemetery itself was set aside for noble people, and that is why everything there was constructed to the best standards of quality and beauty. It was designed by the best architects of Lvov. The most remarkable sight of Lychakin necropolis is the full integrity of all tomb stones, memorials, monuments and vaults.

Lychakiv Cemetery  Historical and Memorial Museum-Reserve

The reasons for Lychakov cemetery popularity

   As you may have understood, the main reason for the popularity of this museum is its exhibits. The area of the cemetery is about 40 hectares and there are more than ten thousand burial places of famous people. Each of the monuments may be treated as the artwork. As different art styles were popular in different time epochs, the tomb stones reflect the whole evolution of the sculptural art, from the very beginning. When walking around the museum, you may see such styles as gothic, baroque, eclecticism etc. You may visit the graves of Stepan Gzhitsky, Markiyan Shashkevich, Vladimir Ivasyuk, Paul Eutele, Sergey Litvinenko and others.


   In the conclusion we will note that the Lychakiv cemetery is deservedly called the highly artistic museum of the Europe's necropolis sculpture as this is one of the most beautiful cemeteries of Europe.
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