» » Kolomenskoye Estate Museum, Russia

Kolomenskoye Estate Museum, Russia

Kolomenskoye Estate Museum, Russia
  • Country: Russia
  • City: Kolomenskoye
  • Address: pr. Andropova 39
   The Kolomenskoye estate-museum is very rare and amazing. It was founded in 1924 and was named Kolomenskoye as that was the name of the ancient tsars' residence. Till recent times, the museum used to be in Moscow area.

   The Kolomenskoye village existed till 80-es and then completely disappeared from the map of Moscow, though here, in Kolomenskoye museum, people still believe that one day the whole arrangement of the former village will be restored and the museum expositions of ethnographic character will be set here.

Kolomenskoye Estate Museum a bird's-eye

   The history of the village is in close relationship with the history of the museum. Today we treat Kolomenskoye not even as the summer residence of the great princes and Moscow tsars, where all Russian emperors lived, but we talk about the history of Kolomenskoye museum. For centuries, the palaces of Vasiliy III, Ivan the Terrible, Alexey Mikhailovich – the magnificent palace called the "Eighth Wonder of the World", and the Catherine II palace, were located.

   After this palace was burned by French in 1812, another palace was erected here, the palace of Alexander I. Here he spent his youth. And the last emperor, who decided to settle down here, was Nicholas I. In 1835 he arrived in Kolomenskoye, and came upstairs to the roof of the so-called "lodge" – that was the wing constructed in 1835 by the famous architect Tyurin. He checked the outskirts and found that area suitable for erection of the palace there; however, his plans never came true.

   With the course of time, this building was demised by local authorities and then re-rented to peasants.

The first exhibit of the museum-estate Kolomenskoye

   The founder and the first director of the museum was the architect Peter Dmitrievich Baranovskiy. After the foundation this museum was entitled the nature reserve status. At those time the museum was not well known, was located outside Moscow being the branch of the state historical museum. The museum was just the branch till 1972, and now it is the big museum-reserve that includes four historical areas: Kolomenskoye, Izmailovo, Lyubleno and Lefortovo.
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