The largest museums in the world

The largest museums in the world

   Nowadays there are more than 100 thousand museums in the world, but this figure is approximate, as no one cannot number all the museums, this is just impossible. That is why they mark the largest museums out. This gradation is correct and most understandable.

   Let us start with the oldest and unique museum called Louver that exists since 1793. The exposition of this museum is very rich and is meant for the public at large.

   The second largest museum in the word is the British museum located in London. It functions since 1753 and just a bit older than the Louver is. This museum is really unique. It accommodates the huge number of the paintings by both English and foreign artists.

   There are many large museums and it is not possible to cover them all in one article. That is why it will be easier to list all largest museums, especially because each of them can be found on our website and you will find the comprehensive data on the museums there. Choose the museum you are interested in, the list is really long.

This is the list of the largest museums:

Ņairo museum
The National Gallery in London
Tate Gallery, London
British Museum
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