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National Maritime Museum in Paris, France

National Maritime Museum in Paris, France
  • Country: France
  • City: Paris
  • Address: 17 Place du Trocadero et du 11 Novembre
   Same as with the other museums do, the National Maritime Museum in Paris is located on the territory of Chaillot Palace on Trocadero square that is easy to find for every tourist.

   It is very difficult to find the museum that would change its location as often as the Maritime museum did. For the short time of the existence of the museum, the exhibits were moved from place to place several times. For instance, from 1801 to 1827 it was situated in the Ministry of the Navy at the Place de la Concorde, and then was moved to the emperor Napoleon's apartments in Trianon. After some time, the world famous Maritime museum was finally settled in Louver, to King Charles X order.

Small models of ships, arranged in a shape of a circle in the Maritime Museum in Paris

   Nowadays, this museum is very popular and attended; it has about 3500 different museum pieces with 500 of them being ship models. The visitors can see the copy of the famous "Titanic" and also the models of "Normandy" naval vessel, "Nimitz" aircraft carrier and the "Missouri" battleship.

Model aircraft carrier of World War 2

   If you look at the exhibits attentively, you will be able to trace the changes in the ships' exterior and technical characteristics. Also, in the museum there are the models of the submarines and you can get to know their history.

One of the most beautiful models ship

   The "Soleil Royal" and "La Real" are the most valuable museum pieces. The first one is the model of the 104-gun ship. Another is the flagship's model. The unbelievably beautifully decorated 108-gun battleship "Louis" model is also there in the museum.

   You can also find the huge number of the ethnographic exhibits, ancient charts that came up to today and did not lose their initial appearance, naval tools that were used many years ago, guns that were installed on ships, various flags with family emblems, and also paintings on the marine subject.
John Mountford. (13 March 2014 15:44)   
Dear Monsieur,
I firstly wish to apologise that I am writing in the English language as I do not speak or write the French language.
I wish to make an enquiry about a sailing vessel which sank off the coast of France at Ushant in 1874. The vessel was a Clipper ship named 'Queen of the Colonies' owned and operated by the Black Ball line in the UK until sold to another company around 1869 and operated between London and the East Indies. It was originally purchased from the USA around 1859 and originally was named Wizard' and the Black Ball line renamed it. It was later sold to another shipping line prior to the sinking.
The last shipping line to own the 'Queen of the 'Colonies' was returning to London, from the East, Indies from memory, ant struck submerged rocks off Ushant and sank.
I wish to know if anything has been retrieved from the vessel, eg ships bell, figurehead, crockery, canon, hardware etc, and placed in the Paris Maritime Museum. If there exists any remains including photos of the disaster in either your museum or elsewhere, I would very much appreciate hearing from you via this e-mail address.
My interest in this vessel is that my ancestors migrated from England to Australia on it in 1864.
I would appreciate hearing from you in the near future.
With sincere regards,
John Mountford.
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